Adopt-A-Park/Trail Program

The Adopt-A-Park/Trail Program is a volunteer-based community program for interested citizens to show their pride and support for their community in helping maintain the cleanliness and safety of these parks and trails. Jamestown Parks and Recreation will continue to provide normal maintenance of the facilities but adoption would provide extra care and attention, making our facilities more desirable for use. In addition, the program will provide JPRD the opportunity to better prioritize park projects and meet the demands of the community. 


Jamestown Parks and Recreation District (JPRD) oversees and maintains more than 160 acres or park land and 30 miles of trails spread throughout 10 neighborhood parks with limited resources.


Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in adopting a park, trail, or part of a park or trail is welcome to participate in the program. Groups wishing to adopt a park or trail shall have a mission that does not conflict with the JPRD mission and values. 


Adopters can include: 


• Individuals and families
• Neighborhood Associations
• Corporation • Civic Associations
• Community Groups • Faith-based Organizations
• Schools 


Adopters are encouraged to visit their adopted park or trail at least four times per year and provide their own tools and equipment. Adopters will be required to complete and submit Volunteer Application for each individual volunteering in the park or on the trail. 


Prior to submitting an Adopt-A-Park/Trail Agreement, we encourage the Adopter to visit the park or trail in person to determine the area of the park or trail to adopt (the whole park or trail, or a selected portion of the park or trail) and develop a cleanup plan. 

General Guidelines

 While each park and trail may have its own specific needs, Adopters will generally: 


  • Pick up litter and place in trash bags and then place trash bags in/beside existing trash cans or remove from park or trail for disposal; 
  • Perform planting, weeding, mulching of seasonal flower/gardening beds 
  • Paint/stain playground and parks equipment and shelters 
  • Remove or push aside debris blocking trails or walkways in the park or on the trail; 
  • Keep park or trail signs clean and visible; 
  • Monitor trees for signs of illness, dead limbs, or dangerous hanging branches; 
  • Monitor park or trail for inappropriate use and report inappropriate use to staff; 
  • Report any graffiti, vandalism, safety hazards, or other concerns to the Parks Operation and Maintenance Department; 
  • Visit the park or trail at least four times per year 

If you are interested in the Adopt-A-Park Program please fill out the form below and submit to Amy Walters at