Our facilities are operated and maintained for your enjoyment.  Anyone misusing a facility or disregarding the rules may be subject to having their privileges revoked at the discretion of the management.  All Parks close at 10:30 PM.

Parks and Recreation policy states no glass containers are permitted in the parks, but alcohol is permitted.  If alcohol is going to be served whether catered or private, the Police Chief needs to be contacted by the tenant; notification is required within 48 hours of the event. Contact the Police Chief at 252-2414


The use of tobacco products is prohibited in Jamestown Parks and Recreation District owned or leased parks and recreational facilities, including both outdoor and enclosed areas (as such term is defined in Section 23-12-09 of the North Dakota Century Code) of parks and recreational facilities. This prohibition includes all facilities at which parks and recreation-sponsored activities occur.



Every owner of any dog, cat, or other animal on Park District property shall maintain control of such animal by use of a chain, leash, and reins or by confinement with a vehicle or otherwise. Each owner shall be equipped to and shall collect the animal’s solid waste when eliminated.  Any waste shall be deposited in a refuse container or removed from the Park District property. No owner shall allow any animal required to be licensed under an ordinance of the City of Jamestown, ND to be present on Park District property unless it is licensed. Parks property includes, but is not limited to, all parks, playgrounds, diamonds, trails, indoors & outdoors facilities.

Any person found guilty of an act in violation shall be subject to imposition of penalties as follows:

A fine of not less than $50.00 no more than $100.00.


The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department does not carry medical or accident insurance for the participants of the programs.  The cost of doing so would be so high that fees charged for programs would become prohibitive.  We suggest that you review your family’s health insurance plan to be sure that it provides sufficient coverage.


Payment for activities is due upon registration.  Late registrations will result in late fees.  Registration fees may be subject to change without notice.


No refunds will be given once the program has started.  Participants will receive a full refund if a program is cancelled due to lack of participants; lack of facilities, lack of qualified instructors or the program has not yet officially begun.


The dates and times printed are subject to change.  For information call the contact person.