Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden

What is a Sensory Garden?

A sensory garden is a garden or other plot specifically created to be accessible and enjoyable to visitors, including the disabled.  The sensory garden provides visitors different sensory opportunities that they may not normally experience.
Sensory gardens devote themselves to providing experiences for multiple senses – to see, touch, smell, hear and, perhaps taste. Anyone can partake in the experience of a sensory garden, but it is especially helpful for individuals with disabilities that affect their sensory responses.


Sensory Gardens usually have an enhanced infrastructure to permit wheelchair access and other access concerns.  The design and layout provides a stimulating journey through the senses and brings a positive learning experience.


•Located in Solien-Denault Park


•Connecting to an existing walkway, but will take the visitor into Park and Rec land that is currently not being used.


•Handicapped accessible, signs will also be in braille.


•Use of elevated planting beds so the visitors can access some of the plants. Seeking other community input such as voluntary plant donations/work with master gardeners, etc.


•Budget:  $20,000 to $25,000 with in-kind donations


•Funding received:  Jamestown Community Foundation, Jamestown Tourism, Jamestown Parks and Rec and in-kind donation of work on the two bridges.