Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey, LLC

“It’s not a destination or a process, it’s a journey.”  Enrich Your Life!

Enjoy a light-hearted teaching approach to vinyasa flow yoga which incorporates fluid movements with deep, rhythmic breathing.   Linking movement with breath enhances the health benefits of yoga, including improved muscular strength and tone, flexibility, joint mobility, and circulation.  Yoga also helps to create a more focused, calm, meditative state of awareness in (and out) of class. 
Class Location:
The Legacy Center, 419 5th St NE, Jamestown ND. (former Jamestown Hospital location) in the new Wink Studio (ground floor to the left of the cafeteria). 
Class nights are typically Mondays/Wednesdays - but schedule does occasionally vary.  If you have questions, please contact Yoga Journey, LLC via contact information listed on this site.
 * Happy Hour (5:40p -6:40pm) great class for individuals who want to add more energy to their yoga practice. Enjoy enthusiastic flow sequences and enhanced poses.
 * Want a little more relaxation? Join us in our Yoga Flow class (6:45 - 7:45pm). Slower paced classes for those who want to lower their stress level and improve their overall awareness of the mind/body connection.
 * Saturday Wakeup Yoga (8:30 am - 9:30am). This class will be a "wake up" yoga class and will be structured to fit the needs of the beginner to the advanced student.

 For more information call Sherry Schutt, RYT at 701-320- 3038, email: or visit